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The Vibes Alive Radio Show was started to help spread the love and positivity of Reggae inspired music.

We love our local "IRIEzona" scene and national acts alike.

The Vibes Alive Radio Show is now able to reach a larger audiences with the FM and streaming platforms.


Brett Coleman:

Brett started The Vibes Alive Radio Show in 2019 with the goal of supporting the Local AZ reggae scene.

With his love for music and daily work in the world of video production, he saw this not only as an opportunity to give artists a platform to expand their reach, but a show that would become a destination for reggae lovers all around to enjoy.

Quote: "We're Just Getting Started"

Joe Irizarry (From Clint Stevens)

Often quoted on the show, you will hear Brett Say, "It's not a Vibes Alive Radio Show Without Clint Stevens" well... we kicked that up a notch and Joe has become a staple part of the Vibes Alive Radio Show family.

Joe delivers a complimentary sense of humor, a fresh look from an artist's perspective, and overall respect for our IRIEzona scene and music culture as a whole.

We've added MORE TIME!

Join us for the "Pre-Roll" from 7-8 pm on Wednesday Nights

The Pre-Roll gives us a chance to talk to artists about their albums, influences, time on the road, etc. This is also a chance for the artist to deliver an exclusive performance to the Vibes Alive Radio Show audience with a special performance. We also talk about upcoming shows.

The Vibes Alive Radio Show goes from 8-10pm

Enjoy some of IRIEzona's BEST with local, national, and international reggae influenced music. Brett and Joe have 2 uninterrupted hours to keep the Vibes Alive. 

The Saturday Sesh is every Saturday morning from 9-11am.



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